When Christian Ponder was a last-minute scratch for the Vikings’ Wild Card Weekend game against the Packers, there was brief worry among some that an abrupt shift to Joe Webb and his quarterbacking style of running and only running could be troublesome for Green Bay. And had the Vikings stuck with the read-option plays that worked sort of OK in their opening drive which ended in a field goal, maybe they would have stayed in the game, and not totally embarrassed themselves.

But no, total humiliation was the destined end game Saturday night, with the Packers winning 24-10. In case any of you are ho-rah hit’em high hit’em low don’t stop until you’re dragging two legs off the field kind of guys (sorry, Rudy is on in the office right now…no, you’re crying), and you think Ponder should have toughed this one out like a big boy, here’s what his elbow looks like two days later.

Pic via Shari L. Gross