In Jet land, time doesn’t move quite the same. A day? No, that’s really a week. And a week means a month, and so on. It’s all a little confusing, but don’t worry, you’ll catch up.

That’s why today they finally announced a move which has been abundantly obvious for over a week, but the Bahamas take priority over normal football operations. Rex Ryan cares not for your talk of responsibility.

But yes, mercifully offensive coordinator Tony Sparano has been fired after his continued bumbling incompetence that was predictable since, I dunno, the moment he was hired after said idiocy was on full display during his failed tenure as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Sparano’s hiring and the acquiring of Tim Tebow were linked. If the Jets were to ever get anything of value out of the messiah, it would have been through the use of the wildcat schemes Sparano had become known for. Translation: the Jets were stuck in 2008, a time when the wildcat was hip and cool. The new fad is the pistol and/or read-option offense, but that means little because Ryan and Sparano still play with Pogs while guarding their pizza to make sure its freshness isn’t stolen by the Noid.

The Jets were 30th in total offense under Sparano while averaging 180.7 yards per game, making them one of only three teams to average less than 185 yards. The stench was that deep, and Tebow was irrelevant while attempting only eight passes, and his highest carry total in a single game was five.

But while Sparano deserves much of the blame here for his inability to implement a scheme that properly catered to his personnel, as with many fired head coaches or coordinators, his was fate was determined by the players tasked with executing whatever he put on paper. Mark Sanchez kills careers and legends at a rate much higher than Randy Orton.

There’s often little a coordinator can do as he controls the X’s in their eternal battle against the O’s when his quarterback had an overall passer rating of 66.9, which dipped below 45.0 three times late in the season when the Jets were still clinging to faint playoff hope.

And about that hope: now there’s some of it flickering around the Jets from a fantasy perspective. Between a healthy Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley, Stephen Hill, and Dustin Keller, there’s value around this offense which was drained by a lack of direction and cohesiveness. Now, god willing, someone of much higher intelligence can be brought aboard who can restore Sanchez so that he’s at least functioning at replacement level, or groom a younger arm that’s drafted in April.

We hear Norv Turner is still looking for gainful employment.

And now the links part of the links post…

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