Or it might not be. But it probably will be, even though there’s still a chance it won’t be. Playoff injury reports, we’ve missed you so dearly.

The exact scare factor of the Denver Broncos’ backfield if they advance to the Super Bowl depends on the health of one Willis McGahee, the running back who’s been out since Week 11 when he tore his MCL and suffered a crack in his leg. But today as expected, good news arrived.

McGahee was put on the new short-term injured reserve, leaving him eligible to return during the playoffs (he can’t return until the AFC Championship at the earliest), although his fantasy season ended. There were sad faces all around due to the latter half of that sentence, because prior to his injury McGahee was having another fine year. He logged 111 fantasy points over just 10 games, a steady pace of 11.1 points per week.

The Broncos care little about your shattered fantasy dreams. They care about this…

Yes, that happened today, meaning McGahee’s recovery remains on schedule. If we assume the Broncos beat Baltimore Saturday afternoon, then McGahee will be able to play next week against either the Patriots or Texans, likely in a limited capacity while platooning with Knowshon Moreno. His replacement has 510 rushing yards along with 155 receiving yards with three touchdowns over just six starts.

While a McGahee sighting next week remains possible, a Super Bowl return is far more likely if the Broncos advance. Yesterday he said that if a game was scheduled for today, he “couldn’t go,” so waiting until the title game would give the veteran three more weeks to recover and rehabilitate. There’s little motivation to rush him back with Moreno still churning out yards.