As it should be. One would assume that when Greg McElroy is deemed the best starter on your roster, the depth chart at the most important offensive position should then be open to anyone who shows greater ability than Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez. Which is to say, anyone.

After officially announcing the firing of Tony Sparano earlier this morning, the long awaited Jets season-ending press conference was held. Rex Ryan surely spent his time behind the podium wishing he was still somewhere on a beach with a lady wearing only a Sanchez jersey, while Woody Johnson reassured everyone that, no, there is not a circus of any kind taking place in his team’s facilities. Ahhh, normalcy.

But there was one notable sound bite, and another one that’s important, yet predictable.

First, Ryan said the Jets won’t make any decisions on the futures of Tebow and Sanchez until a new offensive coordinator is hired. This is one of the few sensible statements to be floated recently from the football outpost that sanity forgot, because the new guy needs time to look over the current roster, and discard the unwanted parts. Hopefully, that process of determining what is fecal matter and what isn’t includes Tebow, while Sanchez is retained only for financial reasons, with someone brought in through either the draft or free agency to give him legitimate training camp competition. Anyone will do really. Can you throw a football?

But there’s a possibility — hopefully a faint one, save our souls — that all three quarterbacks could have a shot at the job. Or since we’re discussing the Jets here, maybe four QBs. Or eight.

Johnson and Ryan said that depending on the views of the names hired to fill their vacancies at offensive coordinator and general manager, the quarterback job could be “wide open“. The prospect of such a competition throughout the offseason in the Jets’ mini camp and main camp is absolutely frightening, especially in the unlikely event that Tebow is retained. I can’t imagine a world where Tebow has a legitimate chance to start in New York. It doesn’t compute.

The infinitely more likely quarterback competition involving Tebow will take place in Jacksonville after he’s cut, and he’ll be trading shots with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne. So essentially, it’ll be the worst display of quarterbacking on a football field in the history of time. To briefly repeat what I wrote earlier this morning, fantasy-wise we can only hope someone of competence is brought in to replace Sparano, as there are potentially productive if still lower tier pieces who could provide value on the Jets’ offense. We believe in you, Norv Turner.

Now, on to more important matters:

Ryan has always been a master motivator. Nothing pushes a player quite like the right to have his jersey covering a tattooed image of the head coach’s wife. Nothing.