In what’s now becoming the offseason for an increasing number of teams, we’re definitely not above connecting dots that have no business being connected for the purpose of discussing reaching rumors. So in that vein, let’s address this little diddy…

See, nothing there really, right? But it’s still an interesting question to ponder. There’s a relationship of some kind between Michael Vick and Andy Reid, although surely a somewhat soured one after Nick Foles remained the starter in Philadelphia even when Vick had recovered from his concussion. That link is still there, though, and with the Chiefs set to make a change at quarterback since Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn have continued to be only a little bit better than Joe Webb, Vick may sadly be one of the best options available this offseason who isn’t named Alex Smith. That’s of course assuming both of those names are jettisoned by their respective teams, which seems quite likely.

Yes, the Chiefs hold the first overall pick, but that could mean little with a poor draft class at the position. A likely scenario is that Kansas City waits on a quarterback who can be groomed and developed, which then makes Vick a little more appealing as a veteran bridge. But please, don’t let this happen, fantasy overlords.

A few weeks ago when the Chip Kelly to Philly rumors were at their peak, I wondered if he could save Vick’s fantasy relevance. And somewhere amid the paragraphs while doing that I stopped wondering, and then started pleading.

Even with his brittleness and his turnovers and his general existence as a guy we hate so passionately, Vick’s legs and his ability to move them quickly make him the ideal waiver wire or late-round steal. Yes, he missed most of the season with a concussion, and yes, he turned the ball over 15 times over just nine starts. But Vick’s fantasy value was saved with his 332 rushing yards. That means 39 of his 140 total fantasy points came on the ground (27 percent), and if we exclude his injury-shortened Week 10 game against Dallas, he had +15 fantasy points in six of his other eight games. That’s pretty terrific value from a guy who totally sucks.

But if there is to be a restoration anywhere, it’s difficult to envision it happening in Kansas City.

Sure, Jamaal Charles is around to play the LeSean McCoy role in a West Coast offense. Similar to McCoy, he’d be a fine bailout option on short routes in the flats, and a Vick-Charles connection would present a menacing dual threat running backfield. But whereas Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, and Brent Celek were around in Philly, who exactly is catching a football when it’s thrown deep by Vick’s ample arm in KC? Dwayne Bowe is likely gone as a free agent, with his price tag escalating too high for a rebuilding team. Then he’s left with, umm, what? The worst passing offense in the league (169.6 yards per game) has a WR depth chart with a banished Steave Breaston who was inactive for much of the year, and Jonathan Baldwin, a soon-to-be first-round bust.

Stay young and just blow it all up, Andy. And stay away, Mike.