I know, and I’m sorry. You’ve spent most of this week hearing about every muscle twitch in Robert Griffin III’s knee (or, er, the lack of muscle twitching, and muscle in general), and how it will surely implode at any moment. Right now you’d like to focus on another weekend of playoff football that starts so very, very shortly. We’ll be doing plenty of that, and soon this space will be invaded with all of the moving pictures and LOL’s you could possibly desire. It’ll be great fun. Promise.

But we have to press pause on our playoff priming and investigative weather reporting briefly to relay some more grave concerns about RG3′s knee, this time by way of ProFootballTalk.

You’re well aware by now that Griffin tore both his ACL and LCL in addition to a partial tear of his meniscus, a common side effect of an ACL injury. You’ve also been told repeatedly by both Dr. James Andrews — who performed the surgery — and anyone associated with the Redskins that Washington’s stud rookie quarterback and one of the best fantasy QBs in the land will be ready for opening week next fall after a six-to-eight month recovery.

But according to a source close to PFT, it’s not that simple, as there’s another potential problem which could extend beyond next year:

Apart from the fact that there’s no way to know how the ACL will rehab, the biggest concern, as the source explained it, is the damage to Griffin’s cartilage.  With the ACL in the right knee now torn twice in less than four years, Griffin has lost enough cartilage in his knee to raise concerns about how much remains and how long it will last.  Eventually, Griffin could be dealing with bone-on-bone contact, and the chronic pain that goes along with it.

The end game there after three procedures in just four years could be some very not-so-hot bone-on-bone knee action, which could result in microfracture surgery somewhere down the road. It can’t be emphasized enough how much that’s a game changer, and a condition that could significantly shorten Griffin’s career.

Say, how many draft picks did the Redskins give up for him last spring again?