There’s some rather entertaining playoff overtime football happening in Denver right now. Touchdowns have been scored, one of which was of the 70-yard game-tying variety with 30 seconds left. Good times.

But there’s a playoff game in San Francisco tonight too, guys (it’s 7-0 Packers after an early Colin Kaepernick pick 6…PUT IN ALEX SMITH NOWWWWW). I know, it’s pretty neat.

We haven’t talked too much about injuries this week, mostly because unlike a week ago, there were few truly significant injuries that could impact the outcomes of this weekend’s games. But Justin Smith’s elbow is the exception, as his partially torn triceps will loom large over the 49ers-Packers game, and likely limit the Niners’ pass rush.¬†Aldon Smith didn’t register a sack during the defensive tackle’s three-game absence to end the regular season, despite taking a quarterback down 19.5 times throughout the rest of the year.

Smith was listed as probable this week, even though his injury has a bit of a Robert Griffin III stench to it, and he likely shouldn’t be playing. But he’s out there, and he’s bandaged heavily