Earlier this week, our own Luke Purm wrote that Richard Sherman is a punk (I may be paraphrasing). A highly talented punk, but a punk nonetheless, and when you burn a punk cornerback who thoroughly enjoys talking, the feeling is quite blissful.

That’s why after this happened…

This happened…

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  1. luke perm is a idiot. sorry that the sfu quality receiver is offended by sherman but you gotta respect the athlete and star that he is. pulling up a gif where the guy trips and saying he got burned on the play doesn’t make a huge amount of sense, especially considering some of the great throws he batted down throughout the game

    • “He tripped”. Didnt deny the play, “He tripped”, himself no less. He burned himself, even worse than getting burned by the receiver, he took himself out of the play, probably to have a reason to back up the trash talking he did after the game..

  2. I don’t know how you can consider a Stanford grad(who is also a great ball player) a punk in a video wit roddy white, who let’s be honest, is one of the most dislikable players in the NFL

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