We drop one or eight typos around here. It happens, and although misfires on the ol’ keyboard machine suck, those mistakes are mostly a product of the blog’s hunger to be fed at all waking hours. Words hit the screen, and then we move on to producing the next words, or finding the next video of a monkey doing something and trying to connect that to football somehow. Blog life isn’t for everyone, guys. The other day my colleague Drew Fairservice said that at times he feels as though every day he comes into the office, sits down, and a tube is connected from his head to the screen, and it then sucks back his thoughts. This seems accurate.

Now that I’ve acknowledged that we all make mistakes and mental flubs, and we all are in fact human, we can enjoy Brian Billick’s mini stroke together.

From Awful Announcing:

The best part is how slow he said it. He was either a) subconsciously aware that the little choo choo train in his mind was about to derail, and he then stalled to buy time for the rail workers to replace the faulty track or b) genuinely confident in what he was saying, and trying to draw it out for dramatic effect.