For a brief time Saturday following the Ravens’ upset overtime win over Denver, “Tebow time” was trending on Twitter, and not just in the great United States of America either. No, that wisdom circled our entire Earth, mostly because people are the worst.

Of course, Peter Tebow supports his brother. That much is expected, because if normal brothers are supposed to be close and bound by their sacred blood, then Tebow brothers are undoubtedly the most formidable foe this world has ever seen. So immediately after Peyton Manning’s overtime interception and the loss which shortly followed, the sibling Tebow tweeted this…

He received many responses telling him to suck something. In a word, the answer to his query is simple: yes, Peter, at that specific moment in time, you were the only person in Denver who was happy.

Now our boy Peter is not happy, presumably and likely because big brother Timmay also isn’t happy. He has felt the wrath of a mighty power, and he’s been compelled to repent for his sins.

We forgive you, Peter. Now, can everyone else who tweeted similar nonsense regarding Tebow winning more playoff games in Denver than Manning as if that stat means anything at all please apologize too? Thanks in advance.

Pic via Black Sports Online

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  1. tebow won a playoff game. peyton couldn’t

    • Tim Tebow didn’t win that game. The Denver Broncos won that game.

      I get that we’re all really mad at Pey Pey for his overtime interception, and it was a horrible throw. But you do understand that overtime wouldn’t have happened had Rahim Moore not allowed a 70-yard touchdown with 30 seconds left and the Ravens out of timeouts, yes? And you do understand that Manning was on the sideline when that happened, yes? That’s also where he was when Champ Bailey was repeatedly burned by Torrey SMith. So how, exactly, did Manning lose the game?

      He didn’t. The Denver Broncos lost.

      • I’d also like to point out that both QB’s took their team to the same round of the playoffs. So even with that playoff win, Tebow didn’t get his team any closer to a championship than Manning. In fact, Tebow’s playoff game against the Pats was pretty much a blowout by halftime, so Manning arguably got his team closer to a championship.

        • All fine points, and Tebow was indeed exposed easily by the Pats.

          The main point is still this: the wins stat is completely irrelevant, and those who disagree are destroying intelligent football discussion. This isn’t a black and white sport, and wins aren’t based solely on the efforts of one individual.

  2. Speak for yourself. We backed Tim wholeheartedly and he throws this nonsense at us?

  3. The first picture on the top is actually Robby Tebow. Not Peter. Everywhere I look is pictures of Robby Tebow and Peter Tebow’s Twitter account tweets. Stick with the picture on the Twitter account. Otherwise, it looks like no one researched the article.

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