I leave the wagering around these parts to Rob Pizzola, because making money off of the orchestrated chaotic dance that takes place on a football field is not an easy endeavor. Having football knowledge is swell, but it doesn’t mean you can turn that knowledge into dollars.

But for the faithful degenerates out there who are eager to make many dollars during the last three football games of the year (*cries uncontrollably*) here’s how Bodog.ca is now ranking the Super Bowl favorites:

Odds to win the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII
New England Patriots: 1/1
San Francisco 49ers: 2/1
Atlanta Falcons: 11/2
Baltimore Ravens: 15/2

The prevailing early opinion is that we’re headed for a Patriots-49ers Super Bowl, and that’s difficult to argue with. The Ravens will present a tough challenge for New England, just as they always have, and just as they did back in Week 3 when Baltimore won 31-30 on a Justin Tucker field goal. But although the Ravens’ defense has become healthier since then, and the Patriots’ offense has done the opposite (so long, Gronk, and possibly Danny Woodhead), one key shutdown element for Baltimore was healthy during that game. The name of said element is Lardarius Webb, and his absence could lead to the revival of Brandon Lloyd, and difficulty containing Wes Welker.

The Falcons, meanwhile, will struggle immensely with Colin Kaepernick, especially if John Abraham — their lone source of a consistent pass rush — is out. Abraham is spewing the usual tough dude rhetoric following his early exit yesterday after re-aggravating his ankle injury, but that means little on a Monday morning. He could heal, and he could play, but how effective will he be if he can’t push off properly? Right now, he can’t, and that’s why he left Atlanta’s win over Seattle yesterday. What then followed was Russell Wilson running free, and repeatedly buying time until one of his receivers found open space. That almost led to another January collapse, which is what happens when the guy who accounted for 37 percent of a defense’s sacks during the regular season (the same defense that only had 29 sacks in total) while also forcing six fumbles is watching from the sideline.

There’s also this for more gambling fun:

2013 Super Bowl XLVII – Exact Super Bowl Matchups
Baltimore Ravens vs. Atlanta Falcons: 9/1
Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers: 6/1
New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons: 9/4
New England Patriots vs. San Francisco 49ers: 5/6

So basically, shady bookies everywhere agree with the popular opinion. Now you know.