It’s a good morning to be a prospective NFL head coach. Just a few hours ago there were six head coaching vacancies. Now we could be down to four.

Shortly after the Mike McCoy rumor train finally reached its destination in San Deigo, this happened…

We’ll be careful with this report that’s bubbling in the wicked cauldron of hiring season speculation. It’s not that we don’t trust Chargers beat guy Kevin O’Connell, and we’re sure he’s a very nice man. But we’d like to hear this echoed by someone in Philly, which will surely happen short. Actually, the way this morning is going, it’ll happen as I type this very sentence.

While us fantasy folk can view the McCoy hiring in San Diego as wondrous news due to his potential to possibly restore Philip Rivers to a respectable state, this is quite selfishly the opposite. That’s because the Eagles’ defense being a league-wide weekly speed bag has made for great streaming fun, and with Gus Bradley aboard that could evaporate quickly. He’s widely respected as one of the game’s best defensive minds who isn’t a head coach, and this year he took a talented but very young and in some positions very raw (see: Bruce Irvin) Seahawks defense, and moulded them into the sixth-rated unit against the pass, the 10th best against the run, and most importantly, they finished first in average points allowed per game (15.3).

Untapped potential and regression have been consistent themes with the Eagles defensively, most notably with Nnamdi Asomugha. The clear hope is for Bradley to change that course, and quickly.

But for now, we wait. Because although it looks like Bradley is maybe, likely landing in Philly, who the hell really knows what’s going on?

Hey you guys. Yeah, you over there. Mind sprinkling some clarity on this?

Umm yeah, thanks for your help.

And then Reuben Frank brought out his rumor rifle, because he hates fun…

Sigh. Stay tuned.

UPDATE (5:30 p.m. ET): So this is a real thing that happened earlier today on Twitter around noonish. Bradley’s plane as he descended into Philadelphia for his second interview was tracked, as was his path from the plane to a waiting car. Also, he may have consumed some salted peanuts, but we can’t be sure. Still no word yet on how the interview went, if he’s been hired, and whether or not Bradley will continue to Jacksonville for another scheduled interview tomorrow. Of the 11 known candidates, he’s the first to receive a second sit down after he initially met with Eagles officials Saturday in Atlanta.

We can confirm, though, that the Bradley chase in Philly has officially reached amateur-hour pun status, as the city is collectively boarding the “Gus bus“. Excuse me while I punch myself in the face.