Well, at least he’s creative. But I guess we’ve always known that about Rob Gronkowski, the medical mastermind who pioneered the scooter-aided rehab.

It took about five minutes after Gronk’s injury Sunday night for the verbal arrows to be launched at Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. The shooters surmised that Billy mishandled his stud tight end’s injury and rehab, re-inserting him into a game far too soon. There were even some comparisons made to the Robert Griffin III situation that climaxed a week earlier, which was ridiculous.

But we can put all of that to rest now, because Tom Curran from CSN New England has…good news?

Curran spoke to several sources who told him that the fractured arm Gronkowski suffered Sunday wasn’t identical to his break earlier this year on Nov. 18 which led to five missed games.

Since the injury, speculation has been that Gronkowski was rushed back and that his injured left arm wasn’t ready for contact. The source says the current injury “had nothing to do with whether the arm was ready or not.”

Translation: shhhhh

This latest injury occurred at the end of a protective plate which was implanted in Gronkowski’s arm. There will always be inherent risk when a foreign object is inside your body and mingling with your bones. That risk then increases when those bones belong to a football player who’s running, jumping, and hitting other human bodies while getting hit himself. But Curran’s source also said the risk would have been the same “three years from now.”

So let’s move on, shall we? We have the choice to dwell, but the Patriots don’t. In New England as preparations are beginning for a game against Baltimore in the AFC Championship this Sunday, it’s onwards immediately. And they’ll have no problem with that task without Gronkowski. None whatsoever.

The Patriots have the only offense in the league that can withstand such a seemingly crippling blow, with Aaron Hernandez sliding in seamlessly. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King noted New England’s offensive stats during Gronk’s regular-season absence, and they were pretty OK. In fact, they were so OK that in terms of sheer offensive potential, there’s almost no difference whatsoever between the Patriots with Gronkowski, and the Patriots without Gronkowski:

Pats in the 11 regular season games with Gronkowski: 35 points, 433 yards a game.

Pats in the five regular season games without Gronkowski: 34 points, 417 yards a game.

Yeah, they’ll be fine.