“That’s what we call rule No.1 that you never do. But when you’re in your 15th year, you kind of just say ‘who gives a shit’”

That same move ended rather poorly in overtime this past Saturday against the Ravens on another pass intended for Brandon Stokley.

As I’ve written repeatedly, Manning deserves your scorn, just like Brett Favre did, and just like any quarterback who throws a game-ending interception does. But while you’re leading that hate campaign please recall that if Rahim Moore remembered how to play with basic fundamentals with 30 seconds left and the Ravens out of timeouts, Manning wouldn’t have had a chance to make his horrible overtime read that resulted in another cross-body throw, and an interception by Corey Graham which led to Justin Tucker’s game-winning field goal a few plays later.

A hard shoulder pad slap to our own Joseph Casciaro