As the sporting world digests this insane Manti Te’o story, Anquan Boldin provides today’s meaningless platitude.

In an interview with the Baltimore Ravens official website, Boldin was asked how Sunday’s AFC Championship game would be different from last year’s iteration.

Take it away Anquan:

“Because we’ll make it different,” Boldin responded. How will they make it different? “We’ll win,” Boldin said plainly.

And with that a dour week is enlivened, not with something actually newsworthy, but rather, by something his teammates utter repeatedly in the locker room before every game. Every one of these guys believes their team is going to win. Boldin took it a step further, telling the media. Whatever. He did the same thing earlier this year, guaranteeing the Ravens would win the AFC North. They did.

The spread sits at -9. On Sunday one of two things will happen. Just like every other Sunday in the NFL.