Wow. After being spurned by Gus Bradley, the Eagles shot for the moon and found their man. Chip Kelly will replace Andy Reid in Philadelphia, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

Exhale. The value placed on head coaches, be it college or pro, is insanely high. Chip Kelly told the NFL he was staying put. After being courted by a myriad of teams, teams that came to him while Oregon prepared for their bowl game in Arizona, Kelly declared he was staying in Eugene. Phil Knight was slated to offer Chip a small island, full of matte helmets and other demonstrative motifs that would sicken most after repeated exposure. The Eagles had moved on, courting Gus Bradley, the coordinator behind the Seahawks impressive defensive attack.

Chip Kelly changed his mind.  Jason La Canfora reports the reason the Eagles and Kelly could not agree to a deal two weeks ago was because of power. Kelly wanted the final say on all personnel matters. Today’s hiring indicates he’s gotten that.

The Eagles had a brief dalliance with Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly before restarting talks with Chip. In late December Sean Tomlinson outlined what the Oregon coach could do for Mike Vick’s sputtering career. While I agree with his analysis, the likelihood Kelly ‘starts over’ is high. The NFL, more so than any other league due to its condensed schedule, is a win now league. Developing a Quarterback will buy him some time. Whether that’s Nick Foles or somebody else remains to be seen.

Eagles fans are happy, Monte Kiffin is drinking bourbon and the folks in Eugene are left looking. With a benefactor like Knight, they won’t be searching for a replacement long.

While the NFL ruminates over another College to Pro move, pour one out for the Ducks’ underclassmen. Yesterday, Paul Myerberg reported Oregon was the only team in the top 11 to not to lose any underclassmen to the NFL draft. Yesterday was also the deadline for those players to declare. I assume most of them did so thinking that their coach would stay, and guide the Ducks to another great season.

They were wrong. The NCAA’s transfer rules are the epitome of backwards thought. Those players should be allowed to find the best spot for them, just like Chip did when he decided to jump ship. Your Nick Saban’s of the world don’t need to leave Tuscaloosa because they’re getting everything they ever need while their players are promised prime time exposure. When they leave, in search of their own dreams of glory (cough – exorbitant sums of money) the players they recruited are left behind. Many excellent writers have written about the idiocy that drives the NCAA, but it needs to be repeated.

We’ll have more on Kelly’s hiring in the coming days.