This guy is a master troll, and perhaps the most ancient of all the trolls.

Please, meet Boston mayor Thomas Menino if you haven’t already had the pleasure. He seems like a very nice fellow, with his thick Boston accent, and ah shucks demeanor. However, there’s one particularly glaring way in which he isn’t a typical Boston man: his lack of any sports knowledge whatsoever.

Maybe we expect a little too much out of our politicians as it pertains to sports knowledge, and maybe politicians should just stick to politicking. Remember, while Barack Obama may be both a baller and a shot caller on the hardcourt, he claims to fondly remember a time when his beloved White Sox played at “Comiskey Field“.

Hey, maybe that was a slip, right? Even the leader of the free world is permitted such a mental flub, especially since nearly every word he speaks is recorded by some kind of a device. Boston’s mayor doesn’t flub anything, though, as he genuinely believes that “Wes Wekler” is a stud wide receiver, and who can forget Varitek splitting the uprights, or the elite point guard play of Rajon Hondo. Yes, heroic Boston sports memories indeed.

His latest butcherings prove that, much like a certain flamboyantly-suited Canadian hockey demigod, Menino is a mispronunciation artist.

We agree, Thomas. The Pats will be just fine without Gonk.