The result of this hit was a fumble, a turnover on the Patriots’ 39-yard line, and a touchdown pass to Anquan Boldin a few plays later. The Ravens have now scored 21 unanswered points over just the last 10 minutes of play, with 14 of them coming on TD passes to Boldin after he didn’t have a catch during the first half.

But at the time, this wasn’t just your standard “WOOAAAHHHHH!” hit. No, it was downright scary, with Stevan Ridley’s limbs crumbling immediately.

And so Bernard Pollard’s long history of Patriot destruction continues after he was famously the guy to shelve Tom Brady for the season back in 2008.

Ridley walked off on his own after being attended to by team trainers and doctors. For what it’s worth, he was seen talking to teammates on the sideline moments later. But predictably, he’s been ruled out for the rest of the game.