The details remain a little unclear, and we’ll update this post as they trickle out. But right now, the report circling the Internet’s connecting tubes is that had the Falcons been able to avoid tripping over themselves repeatedly, Matt Ryan would have been forced to sit out the Super Bowl due to a shoulder injury.

In the fourth quarter Ryan rose to his feet slowly after a hit, and was seen favoring what seemed to be his arm at the time. Joe Buck said something, and we mostly ignored it, because that’s what we do when Joe Buck says things.

Now it seems that injury was significant, and it slowed Ryan throughout the game’s final crucial minutes. It could be a seperated shoulder if he wouldn’t have played for a hypothetical Falcons Super Bowl team, even after the bye week to rest and recover.

UPDATE (8:43 p.m. ET): ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Ryan suffered a sprained AC joint. While it’s still unclear if he’ll be getting an MRI tomorrow, there’s confidence that surgery won’t be necessary.

These are trying times for Falcons supporters, and shoulder surgery is never fun, even if it’s a QB’s non-throwing shoulder. So at least now you know that your quarterback won’t be missing a chunk of OTAs. Hooray?

The injury occured after an Ahmad Brooks blitz and hit late in the fourth quarter.