Hide your kids, hide your wife. Gregg Williams will be coming through windows, and he knows that if you kill the head, the body will die.

Moments ago we learned that Sean Payton is free at last, free at last. He lowered his head and took his punishment with pride, and for that he was rewarded with a shortened sentence for his role in the Saints’ bounty scheme. Yep, he was reinstated one week early.

But what of Williams? You remember him as a frothing, deranged man who spoke about ripping apart the tendons and ligaments of those who dared to oppose his football minions. Mostly, you remember him for this…

I can assure you that a sideways position is not the proper alignment for a human head.

While Payton was suspended for one year, Williams’ punishment was heavier. He was banished indefinitely, mostly because he doesn’t live in a world where sanity is a thing. Now he could be back in the NFL in some capacity soon.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer reports that Williams is free to look for work somewhere, in some NFL outpost that’s desperate enough for on-field success to tolerate the distraction of his presence. And if/when he finds work, commissioner Roger Goodell will review his application for reinstatement at that time. While there will be a review process, if Williams has been permitted to pursue employment of some kind, it’s highly unlikely Goodell would then deny him reinstatement. The mere fact that Goodell’s review has been leaked in this report indicates his desire to maintain the appearance of a disciplinary system which has strict checks and balances.

Williams is done in New Orleans, and he’s done in St. Louis too, where he was hired as a defensive coordinator last offseason before the bounty mess broke. Since he’s an awful person, it’s unlikely that he finds another coordinating gig immediately, as the league should make him be on good behavior for at least one season before that opportunity is presented again.

But an only recently concluded hiring period created and filled eight head coaching positions, and the resulting domino tumbling also led to many vacant assistant positions. Although a coordinator role may be too prominent right now, teams care far too much about, you know, winning to allow a strong defensive mind like Williams to remain entirely unemployed for long.