People are the worst sometimes

I know. I’m fully aware that by posting this, the vocal lunatic fringe minority has won. I should ignore them, and let them fade away along with their thoughts that no rational, decent human would ever have in their brain at any moment. But I’m just…mad.

The above tweet from Ravens wideout Torrey Smith is in reference to some tweets he received from Patriots fans following Baltimore’s win over New England Sunday in the AFC Championship game. It was a game in which Smith finished with four catches for 69 yards.

When he either checked his phone or computer shortly after the game, Smith was greeted with tweets mocking his brother’s death (Tevin Smith died in September after a motorcycle accident). People with keyboards and Internet connections can be the worst sometimes.

Of course, it was indeed a minority, but that doesn’t make it better. I’ll never understand how even a small group of humans can think that using a young man’s dead brother as the source of an insult is even remotely acceptable. What’s worse — much, much worse — is that this isn’t just some shitbag in the stands who’s saying something vile and racist, and they can remain relatively anonymous while hiding in a crowd. Sure, he or she has the security of being a coward behind a keyboard, but they’re tweeting their hateful remarks in a public forum. You know, the Internet. The one that’s world wide. Like a web.

Often their names are contained somewhere in a Twitter bio, and every word can be traced back to the idiot source. Yet they either don’t care, or they’re far too dumb to pause for those few quick seconds before hitting the “tweet” button. I’d say it’s just a simple lack of intelligence, but the access to instant idiocy plays a major role. We saw that when Wes Welker’s wife had her own regrettable Facebook meltdown Sunday night, and she’s since apologized.

Much of my daily existence is contained within Twitter’s 140 characters. No, that’s not sad (I think…my mom says I’m cool). It’s reality in 2013 for many of us, especially those who are employed on the Interwebs. Twitter is mostly a glorious online information hopper where whatever you desire can be found immediately in your own personal news stream, and you can interact easily with other like-minded people.

But it will always have scum resting at its grimy bottom.