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When Sean Payton’s year-long suspension for his involvement in Bountygate was first handed down by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last spring, the original intention was that he’d be barred from any and all coaching duties until after the 2013 Super Bowl. Well, now he’s beat the system (FREEDOM AT LAST)…by about a week.

Goodell officially reinstated Payton this morning, meaning he can now go about the business of being an NFL coach, and during this specific week in the calendar that means attending the Senior Bowl if you’re not preparing to play for a championship. The two men met yesterday, and in a statement Goodell called it a “very productive discussion”.

“Sean fully complied with all the requirements imposed on him during his suspension. More important, it is clear that Sean understands and accepts his responsibilities as a head coach and the vital role that coaches play in promoting player safety and setting an example for how the game should be played at all levels. We are committed to delivering football that fans love and the safety players deserve. Coach Payton agrees and I look forward to working with him going forward to do that.”

In his statement, Payton said the kinds of things you expect a coach or player who’s been banished for a year to say. Apologize and accept responsibility. Annnd repeat:

“I am thankful today Commissioner Goodell has granted me reinstatement. As I stated back in March.  I, along with Mickey Loomis, take full responsibility for all aspects of our football program.”

I clearly recognize that mistakes were made, which led to league violations.

Furthermore, I have assured the Commissioner a more diligent protocol will be followed.

Lastly, I feel we have learned from our mistakes and are ready to move forward. I want to thank our owner, Mr. Benson and all of our great fans for the overwhelming support throughout this past year.

I am excited to be back as Head Coach of the New Orleans Saints!”

So now we can finally put all this bounty talk behind us forever, and never speak of it again. Right, New Orleans? (*ducks*)

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  1. What a bunch of crap, I heard his speeches about constantly hitting the opposition in the head, he encouraged causing concussions. They let this goof back into the league? I stopped supporting, watching the NHL because of their irresponsible behaviour. Now the NFL for acting like idiots. Pro Sports is becoming a joke, right up there with UFC. What kind of society are we becoming. Totally disalusioned with the direction of sport!

    • Gregg Williams gave the speech you’re thinking of, not Sean Payton.

      Payton was suspended for a full season, and Williams still hasn’t been reinstated after being suspended indefinitely. They were given the most severe punishments ever handed out to any coach. A life-long banishment was never realistic.

    • You’re suggesting this type of behaviour hasn’t been going on for the last 50 years? Get your head out of the sand, nothing has really changed, just the media does a much better job of exposing it now.

      • True. The Saints also disregarded repeated warnings from the league, which is why something finally had to be done.

        But yes, anyone who thinks the Saints are unique is truly out of touch.

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