This man was top of the class.

Super Bowl parties bring out the worst in many. Far more annoying than the people waiting for Beyonce, it’s the know it all’s that ruin the party. A course offered at the British Consulate in Boston is aiming to change this. The folks that know nothing will learn something thanks to Water Cooler Football — where football and networking meet to have fun!

Why do you need to take this course?

  • You’re at a party with a football game on, people cheer and you have no idea what happened – do you feel left out?
  • At a meeting someone says, “let’s do an end run” – do you feel lost?
  • When you hear “football” do you think people mean soccer?

Over 18 lectures and four hours of content will change this. This course is directed at those unfamiliar with the game, but Taawmy from Southie could learn a thing or two in a challenging educational environment like this.

h/t to KSK for the find