If you haven’t tried to hook up with a stranger you met on twitter I don’t know what to say. You are wasting your life.

In December, Redskins director of player development Phillip Daniels issued a warning to his players. Avoid twittering with @RedRidnHood.

NFL.com’s Jeff Darlington did the heavy lifting on this one. Two hours into researching the story, Darlington recalled his J-School dreams. So what if this wasn’t the New York Times bureau in Beirut. This was important.

The Redskins Hoaxer used a photo of C.J Miles, an adult film ‘entertainer’ — Darlington’s words. The RH then altered Miles hair colour and something else minor in order to fool the smartest collection of athletes ever assembled.

Unlike Te’o, none of the Redskins players involved became emotionally attached to “Ackerman,” instead pursuing her out of nothing more than physical appeal, sources close to the situation said. “Ackerman” also sent at least one player a pornographic video of Miles, which she also claimed to be of herself. On certain occasions, “Ackerman” also doctored photos of Miles in an attempt to personalize them and provide the athletes with a sense that she was indeed the person she claimed to be.

Damn straight. Emotions are for college kids.