Ma, pack the Winnebago! We’re goin’ minin’, because there’s gold in them there Revis hills! (yeehaaaa).

Woah boy, it seems the Darrelle Revis hunt is on. I’d tell every team to bring it, but it’s already been broughten.

Yesterday I wrote that as of, well, yesterday I wasn’t confident in a Revis deal getting done this offseason due to the many elements and moving parts involved. Namely, the combination of these potentially significant hurdles: Revis’ ACL injury, his high contract demands when he joins a hypothetical new team, and the Jets’ high trade demands that will require the sacrificing of at minimum a first rounder. That reasoning hasn’t changed in 24 hours. But dammit, logic won’t stop an NFL general manager who’s caught the sweet scent of blood. Fresh, delicious, desperate rival blood.

And you know, I very much welcome the possibility of being wrong on this, and I do that selfishly. Although it’s difficult to imagine right now with the frenzied buildup to the Super Bowl, there’s a bit of a slow, mid-winter depression period following the biggest of the big games, and something to appease our desire to talk about football stuff is needed. Last year, Peyton Manning was gracious enough to throw cats during the spring before becoming one of the most coveted free agents in league history.

Now, CBS’ Mike Freeman spoke to a general manager who said there’s a gold rush coming, and Revis will be this year’s Manning (*pumps fist forever*).

Yes sir, Freeman reports that the Jets are indeed leaning strongly towards trading Revis, and as that talk slowly increases, so has the league-wide interest. A line is forming, and soon a fight will start. Basically, it’ll be like your standard Black Friday, complete with overnight camping in a parking lot, and possibly a boom box held high over a GM’s head. It’ll be great fun.

As expected, the price will be high, with Freeman noting that the Jets will want a first- and second-round pick. That’s absolutely absurd, of course. Don’t get me wrong, Revis is worth a hefty price tag. But remember those reasons why a trade might not happen (the muscle tearing, the contract demands)? Yeah, those still apply here, and as appealing as Revis is since he’s the best cornerback in the game during an era when stopping quarterbacks from throwing a ball great distances is pretty important, making a massive commitment to Revis both financially and through draft picks is dangerous.

That’s why if a trade does go down, it’ll likely involve a high pick, and then a package of players. The team that acquires Revis will still have to absorb his massive contract demands when he inevitably asks to be not only the highest paid player at his position, but also among the highest-paid players…period. But minimizing the draft blow lessens the pain a bit.

To begin the speculation orgy, Freeman also tossed out a short list of teams his sources told him have expressed interest. Annnd kaboom…

Sources say one of the teams highly interested are the New England Patriots, but not even the Jets, who have made some screwy decisions over the years, would trade Revis to the division rival Patriots and, in the process, hand them a Super Bowl.

Other teams highly interested, I’m told are Denver, San Francisco, Buffalo (not happening — division rival), and even Seattle, which already has some of the best defensive backs in the game. One team also constantly mentioned by league sources is Green Bay though the Packers, possessors of one of the best front offices in all of sports, usually don’t give up high-round picks.

Haha oh man, Buffalo. That will cause far too much excitement which is later exchanged for disappointment. So basically, just normal Bills life.

Low-hanging bad jokes aside, the Bills giving up anything of significance for Revis would be a little odd considering how heavily they’ve invested in the cornerback position over the past few years through the draft. Buffalo spent a first-round pick on Stephon Gilmore last spring, and a second rounder on Aaron Williams on 2011 in addition to a fourth rounder on Da’Norris Searcy.

Even rumored interested from Seattle is also a little perplexing too since they have the best cornerback tandem in the league between Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner. But as the Falcons showed us last offeason when they pursued Asante Samuel despite already employing Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes, an abundance of shutdown skill is trendy right now to combat the equal abundance of passing.