In the NFL, if you’re talented, you’ll be employed. After the season ends in just over a week and we’ve digested the Super Bowl, those are nine words I’ll surely write repeatedly as we lumber towards free agency.

The evidence is easy to find. Aqib Talib’s injury was a major factor during the Patriots’ AFC Championship game loss, but Talib himself was a major reason why New England advanced that far, and why their secondary started bending instead of breaking during the second half of the season. He’s not exactly a good dude.

Terrell Owens and Randy Moss didn’t have legal trouble, but both receivers have consistently followed the same loop throughout their careers. Thrive, let their douchey diva nature ruin everything, exit, and repeat. Owens remained employed for many years, and Moss is set to play in the Super Bowl next week.

Titus Young is good, but he’s not Moss, and he’s not Owens. He’s just…good.

And good isn’t nearly good enough to consistently display a cancerous attitude and maintain employment. We may be reaching here, Titus, but perhaps it’s time to stop publicly ripping your current team and asking to be released.

Young’s season of unfathomable stupidity started back in training camp when he sucker punched safety Louis Delmas. Then during the season he was unhappy with his usage, so instead of taking his concerns to a coach — any coach, really — like a normal, sane-minded human and sorting out any philosophical differences, he decided that intentionally lining up in the wrong spot was a swell idea. That’s when he was benched for the final six games. Smooth.

It gets better.

Earlier this week Young began to very publicly ask to be released, saying this on Twitter:

“Like I said I never been selfish but if I’m not going to get the football i don’t want to play anymore.”

His mind doesn’t grasp that merely tweeting such a statement is selfish.

Then this morning, he continued. Mamma once told me that nothing good ever happens at 5 a.m. With that, I give you Young’s latest…

Again, that seems innocent enough at first, but Twitter isn’t the forum to voice such displeasure. Lions fans follow Young, not coaches or front office personnel. So by tweeting this, he’s primarily telling fans that he doesn’t want to play for their team anymore. Which accomplishes…what? It certainly doesn’t make him appealing to a future employer.

This doesn’t either…

Yes, that’s Young telling a fan that he sucks. That same friendly fan interaction led to the receiver challenging said fan to a throw down. You know, a fight with fists.

I’m really not sure what it takes to be cut by the Lions, and I can only assume that Young is still on the roster because with Ryan Broyles rehabbing after a torn ACL, Detroit is leery of its WR depth beyond Calvin Johnson. That means holding on to Young as insurance for now, even if they genuinely despise him.

Once he’s inevitably disposed of, though, he’s not making finding work an easy task. You’re breaking our fantasy hearts too, Titus, because after two games in weeks 7 and 8 this year when you had 181 receiving yards, the potential for great late-round value was flashed. Unfortunately, the desire to be a moron won.

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