As I write this it’s only Monday night, just after 6 p.m. ET. And yet I can say with reasonable confidence that we already have the best quote of Super Bowl week.

Don’t mind Jim Harbaugh, guys. He just wanted to make you re-consider the basic structure of human life in his opening press conference.

Having just finished Lost on Netflix (yeah, I consume pop culture three years behind the rest of society), I wonder if this is really a discarded tagline for one of the most successful dramas in television history. Think about it: if you kill a man, does his hope ever REALLY die? Long live Jack Shephard.

As Kyle Smith — my colleague who can identify Pauly Shore anywhere — pointed out, Harbaugh’s warning about the upcoming zombie apocalypse could also more broadly be a tagline for every horrible B-rated movie ever. That joke would be funny if there wasn’t an actual move in theaters right now called Bullet to the head. I suppose we’re all just a bunch of jive turkey gobblers for not understanding a Harbaugh-ism, and for that we should feel deep shame.

Also filed under Jim Harbaugh is awesome: this pic of him just chillin’ in the heart of New Orleans and being a regular family man while wearing his full 49ers gear