I’m angry. I need some near nudity in my rejected Super Bowl ads, or at least a medically enlarged rabbit or a fierce bobblehead war between Barack Obama and Jesus. This is unacceptable…

That’s a 20-second Pornhub spot which was rejected by CBS for Sunday’s Super Bowl. A friend tells me that Pornhub is a popular website where men (and women?) can view images of people who aren’t wearing clothes, and they’re often doing, um, push-ups.

Their ad was almost surely (see: definitely) rejected because airing a porn commercial is generally frowned upon around network TV executive offices, and in most places where people gather and think sane thoughts. That said, the ad itself is innocent, and it’s not much different than the Viagra or Cialis ads we see regularly that subtly — and often not-so subtly — hint at something that’s about to happen behind a closed bedroom door, or on a kitchen counter, or on a fish tank, or wherever.

The deep societal lesson we can take from this ad rejection? Promoting porn = bad. Promoting pills that may or may not lead to an erection which lasts four hours = good.

Thanks, SB Nation