There’s a basic cycle during every alleged performance-enhancing drugs case in any sport. It usually goes as follows:

1. Evidence of Player X taking PEDs surfaces through a strongly-sourced report produced by a well-respected media outlet.

2. Player X publicly denies using PEDs, and calls the report bogus.

3. Eventually further evidence proves that Player X did, in fact, use PEDs

It can take a hella long time to reach step three. Like, oh, a decade or so if you’re Lance Armstrong. But eventually, the truth won’t set you free.

Yesterday we learned that Ray Lewis may or may not have used deer-antler spray to advance his recovery following a torn triceps muscle early this season. No worries, guys, it’s just an ancient Chinese healing method, or whatever. What matters to us, though, is that deer-antler spray is illegal in the NFL because it contains IGF-1, a steroid that stimulates muscle growth. And what matters to Lewis is that he didn’t need another story which makes the public question his demigod status. For shame.

Lewis already said the Sports Illustrated report that documented his alleged dealings with S.W.A.T.S is bunk, but today he denied it again in the most Ray Lewis way possible.