Rob Gronkowski may have relatively brittle forearms, but he seems like a decent cat. He likes to smash home runs, rock Zubaz (the ’80′s will never die!), and he has championship level body-shot technique.

He’s also a pretty thirsty guy.

Thirsty enough that he’d drop a hundred bucks on a glass a lemonade.

And as he was leaving the CBS section of Radio Row, he ran into a small child selling lemonade. The kid asked him to purchase a drink and he did just that, except he paid a little more than the drink actually costs, handing the kid a $100 bill.

This is may be a delightful gesture, but Gronk should beware. This young ‘ade peddler could be an Indianapolis Colts fan. A tiny, bitter fan whose hell bent on destroying the New England Patriots one-by-one. Or he’s just a cute kid selling lemonade.

He’s one of those two things.

Photo via CBS Sports