What was a three-touchdown lead for the Ravens has now been cut to just five points (#BlameTheBlackout). The third quarter just came to a close, with Baltimore set to at the very least get points on their current drive and stretch the lead to eight barring a turnover, or a horrific chip-shot miss.

Still, the second half has been a blackout in more ways than one for the Ravens. The 49ers have 109 yards of offense since the lights went boom, and prior to their current drive Baltimore had only one second-half first down. Now as we watch Bernard Pierce also walking to the locker room to be evaluated after a leg injury, the Ravens’ snowball of suck is building.

Haloti Ngata suffered a gruesome-looking knee injury, and his return is questionable.

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  1. & the moronic OC for SF still calls 3 pass plays to try to win the game. Ngata is out, give the ball to Gore or have Kap run for it.

    I would like to know who actually called those plays? Harbaugh or the OC?

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