If we named the Super Bowl winner on something abstract and entirely unrelated to football like, say, the musical talents of the respective fanbases, then we could all just go home now and save ourselves from bodily harm through excessive eating and drinking.

I’m really not sure how people embarrassed themselves publicly before the Internet and Youtube, because I can’t remember a time when those things didn’t exist. Merely thinking about that world is frightening.

But when you put the Internet, a Super Bowl, and groovin’ guitar solos and/or hip hop stylings together you get: fan songs. So many fan songs.

As we continue our celebration of the holiest football day, I took a quick glance around the various Super Bowl musical productions pumped into the web’s interconnecting tubes. A small sampling shows that 49ers fans are much more skilled when they attempt to sing a note that doesn’t prompt excessive bleeding.

Ravens Fan Songs

49ers Fan Songs