Destiny’s Child will make their much anticipated reunion during today’s halftime show. Well I’m not really anticipating it, but I’m sure some of you are. I know Michelle Williams is, she really needs the work.

Also I think other things are happening, so won’t you join me? we can watch this together.

8:05-This halftime show is brought to you by Jeep and Pepsi. So you know, buy these products.

8:08- Maniacs run onto the field and Beyonce (singing ‘Crazy’) seems to be made out of lights.

8:10- Beyonce is lip synching here, but check out that chewing gum walk…very Wrigley


8:12- She just dropped it like it was relatively luke-warm!

8:14- I wish I had my own horn section. I would force it to follow me around playing the theme from “Sanford and Son”.



8:16- I am definitely not ready for this jelly.

8:17- I think it’s safe to say that all the women in New Orleans are independent.

8:18- That Charlie’s Angel pose is doing something to my lower area. It’s kind of tingly.

8:19- Beyonce wants to know “where my ring at?’ I’m pretty sure she already got it, and I’m pretty sure it was massive.

8:21- I really want those large silhouettes of Beyonce to kiss. I am a lonely man.

8:22- Aaaaand its over.

I learned two things from this halftime show: 1. Beyonce is extremely attractive. 2. Sparkler guitars are awesome!

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  1. Worst Super Bowl half time show ever. This is embarrassing to watch. All she is doing is yelling a word here n there.

  2. Half time is really sucking

  3. Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce. How bout a little love for all the middle aged white guys that fund the NFL. Beyonce looks good but I don’t thing I’ll be buying any concert tickets in the near futuer.

  4. It’s a family football show. The half time show looks more like a R rated concert. I would not want my grand daughter watching this but if her Mom is watching, it’s likely she is too. The show has lost it’s entertainment value in favor of flash and shock. Is there no modesty or family values left in our entertainment world during prime time t.v.?

  5. This was terrible

  6. You figure they would get the audio right after all these years. How hard is it to take the lead mic frequency and put it though for the TV. This rendition is no different thatn the past 4 years ok show, crappy audio.

  7. That was no show for any little kid! She looked good but keep that kind of a show for after midnight… Not prime time or Super Bowl..

  8. Thank God the half time show sucked. Most years I don’t get a chance to pee at halftime. Dear Beyonce my bladder says “thank-you for sucking, please come back every year”

  9. Why…this comment section is filled with OLD people!

    Don’t worry, the sweet embrace of death will take you soon and all the young people blaring their noise won’t bother you any more.

    • Here here. This comment thread reads like a satire of sexually repressed, xenophobic grandfathers. I liked it better when these people didn’t know how to use the internet.

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