We’ll be debating this sequence until next fall, so let’s get a head start now.

The details: the 49ers were down by five points. They had the ball on Baltimore’s five-yard line, with 1:50 remaining in the fourth quarter, and only one timeout. It was either score a touchdown, or end the season. Colin Kaepernick threw a fade to the back of the end zone in the direction of Michael Crabtree, who was then impeded by Jimmy Smith. Or was he?

I’ve never hated myself more than what I do at this very moment, but I actually find myself agreeing with Phil Simms here. Unless there’s absolutely egregious pass interference that ends in the receiver getting tackled and/or mauled, the officials would very much like to avoid making a call that will alter the result of a Super Bowl, and therefore NFL history.

That’s what happened here, and it’s why Jim Harbaugh did this…