We break briefly from our lingering Super Bowl hangover (true story: I went to bed at 4:30 a.m., slept through my alarm by a good hour, and then walked straight from the warm comforts of sweet winter dreams to my friend the black living room chair, where I’ve been writing ever since…I am your monkey) for some good, wholesome performance-enhancing drugs talk courtesy of Arian Foster.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

The Super Bowl hasn’t even been over for 24 hours yet, and already we’ve been reminded of a story that may have tainted Ray Lewis’ last days as a professional football player due to his alleged connection with a crazy deer-antler spray guy.

During an interview this morning with sports radio’s leading douche Colin Cowherd, Foster dropped a truth bomb, saying that he’s “been around guys who juice.” Is this a shocking admission that will rock the NFL’s very core? ha. No, no it’s not, but it’s still surprising to hear a player be this open about the locker room environment around football.

But we need to be careful about the conclusions we leap to here, because Foster didn’t say which locker room he saw a needle go into a buttocks. It could have been at the high school or college level.

Regardless, we now have an active player who just completed only his fourth year in the league speaking rather candidly about the PED culture in football.