Emotions are running high in the immediate hours after any loss, and that’s multiplied ten-fold following the Super Bowl. Have you ever been forced to briefly be a part of someone else’s celebration after one of the biggest accomplishments in their life? Yeah, being roped off as that confetti falls looks like great fun.

So you can begin to understand why, likely out of frustration, 49ers running back Frank Gore said this during his post-game interviews last night:

“They got away with one,” he said, according to The Associated Press. “We showed we were the better team. It was just a couple plays here, a couple plays there.”

Well, Frank, you’re sort of not wrong, but it was more than just a “couple plays”. In the numerical sense of the phrase I suppose that’s correct, but the two plays that had the greatest impact weren’t just the product of casual gaffs, and Jacoby Jones was involved in both of them.

One was a historic gaff. I’m of course referring to Jones’ 108-yard kick return touchdown to open the second half, which established a new Super Bowl and playoff record, and came one yard short of tying the longest play in NFL history. That’s not just a minor misstep.

But before that in the second quarter was Jones’ 56-yard touchdown catch and run in which he first beat Chris Culliver badly, and then after turning into the kick returner he is in the open field, he made multiple defenders miss while running about 15 more yards to the end zone.

The 49ers had the fourth best secondary throughout the regular season, giving up an average of only 200.2 passing yards per game. Even more impressively, while facing 567 pass attempts, the longest completion they allowed was a gain of 53 yards. Jones’ catch was then a wildly uncharateristic play by a defense that shed all of its character for much of the first half, creating a deficit that was eventually — but only barely — too large to overcome.

When a team doesn’t play up to its full potential, we shouldn’t be convinced that they should have won. Instead, we should be convinced of another obvious and simple fact: on the game’s largest stage and under its brightest lights, the 49ers failed, while the Ravens took advantage of each and every mistake.

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  1. “…a couple of touchdowns here, a couple of touchdowns there.”


  2. not a 9ers or Ravens fan but reality is ‘should have never put yourself in a situation to let the refs decide the game for you’…..hold or not things happen and when a team looks to the refs to decide the game you obviously didn’t come prepared with a good game plan – like a goal line stand with Ngata out from the 8yd line — why wouldn’t you pound it between the tackles with Gore??? looks like the ‘pistol’ got stopped!

  3. wah! they let the hand to hand fighting between receivers and backs go all day- why the hell would they call that one!

  4. Jacoby Jones’ return wasn’t a gaff on the 49ers part, he’s been balling all year in the return game. Great play by him.

    • Oh I definitely didn’t mean to take anything away from Jones. You’re right, it was a great return, and he had a great game.

      But anytime you allow a record-tying return, something went wrong.

  5. Referee Boger was selected cause he had the least amount of penalties called per game. That played into Balt hands who were the most penalized team for 2012. Their magic run included a whopping penalty total of:

    Bal 3 Den 6
    Bal 1 Ne 3
    Bal 2 SF 4

    & Jones return should of been negated by the blatant holds that took place.

    The NHL used to be like this where they let everything go in the playoffs but corrected themselves, it looks like the NFL need to follow suit.

    But OC Roman should take the heat for this shit at the end. 3 pass plays????

  6. we showed we were the better team, except we were down 28-6 one play into the 3rd and lost at the end. you know? better… better in the second half ya, but you can’t be down 17 and lose and be the better team at the end of the day.

  7. I honestly think that had the lights not gone out it would not have been as close. you can’t put too much on the score and the lights going out being connected but you can’t say that they didn’t disrupt the momentum, it doesn’t help that ngata got hurt either.

  8. bottom line ravens won, there was holding all game there was both offensive and defensive penalties on that last play, there were missed calls there were injuries this is sports….the 49ers will be whining all the way back to san fran ….annoying how fans cannot congratulate a team first instead we have to think of reasons why they shouldn’t have won, its like listening to the commentators they were so down on kaepernicks inexperience then 5 good passes and they guy thinks nothing but praise for him…what about flacco? but being an actual ravens fan it was a good win

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