Super Bowl XLVII had a little bit of everything. It had a game changing blackout, the reunion of a once popular R&B group, an almost comeback by a rookie quarterback and the final hurrah of a legendary linebacker.

This was also a night where sports journalists are transformed from seasoned pros into excited fans. Sure, they do their jobs and try to stay unbiased, but on Super Bowl Sunday (especially when the game is this fantastic), everyone leaps out of their seat as if they were 12-years old again.

Here’s a collection of Post Super Bowl reaction from a wide variety of media sources.

  • Lights out Super Bowl! Ravens make final stand to beat Niners for NFL title- Dan Wetzel
  • The Best and Worst of Super Bowl XLVII- Greg Garber
  • John and Jim Harbaugh share sweet but awkward exchange after Ravens beat 49ers in Super Bowl- Maggie Hendricks
  • Jim Harbaugh: ‘No question’ Ravens got away with interference, holding-
  • Joe Flacco is the MVP of Super Bowl XLVII- Michael David Smith
  • Fans mob Baltimore streets to celebrate win- CBS Sports
  • ┬áNon-call on key play cuts both ways for Niners- Mike Florio

It's like looking into a depressing mirror