Say, did you lose money last night because two brothers didn’t hug for at least seven seconds, or because Jim Nantz and Phil Simms cleverly avoided saying “Harbaugh” 37 times by referring to said brothers using only their first names? Then boy do we have a deal for you.

It’s already time to bet on next year’s Super Bowl. Step right up, kids, because Day 1 of the offseason is a fine time to starting losing money on football.

Gambling websites and bookies in dark alley corners everywhere have already started to forecast next year’s Super Bowl winner, a team that will have to triumph over the vicious claws of mother nature while exposed outside in the New York elements. But hey, at least the lights will stay on. Maybe.

Here are the odds for every team, from Bodog:

Denver Broncos                                     7/1

New England Patriots                             15/2

San Francisco 49ers                              15/2

Green Bay Packers                                10/1

Baltimore Ravens                                   12/1

Seattle Seahawks                                  12/1

Houston Texans                                     14/1

Atlanta Falcons                                     18/1

New Orleans Saints                               18/1

Pittsburgh Steelers                                18/1

Chicago Bears                                       20/1

New York Giants                                    20/1

Dallas Cowboys                                     25/1

Washington Redskins                            30/1

Indianapolis Colts                                   33/1

Cincinnati Bengals                                 35/1

Detroit Lions                                          35/1

Minnesota Vikings                                 35/1

Philadelphia Eagles                                35/1

San Diego Chargers                               35/1

New York Jets                                       40/1

Carolina Panthers                                  50/1

Kansas City Chiefs                                50/1

Miami Dolphins                                      50/1

St. Louis Rams                                      50/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers                         50/1

Arizona Cardinals                                   66/1

Cleveland Browns                                   66/1

Tennessee Titans                                   66/1

Buffalo Bills                                           100/1

Oakland Raiders                                    100/1

Jacksonville Jaguars                               150/1

Vegas is surely assuming that Tony Gonzalez follows through with his retirement plans, although that’s far from certain at this point. Even with the hole Gonzo’s likely departure will create in that Falcons offense, 18/1 is pretty nice value for a team that came five points away from beating the 49ers, and playing in yesterday’s Super Bowl.

If you’re a Marc Trestman believer and think he can clean up the decaying mess that is Jay Cutler quickly, then there’s also some value with the Bears (20/1). A similar and potentially even more profitable approach could be taken with the Eagles (35/1), as Philly has a shiny new innovative head coach in Chip Kelly, and the parts in place to execute his spread-option offensive scheme quickly.

If reaching is your thing, then the Bucs are an intriguing sleeper (50/1). Yes, they lost nine games, including losses in five of their last six games to erase any shot at an NFC Wild Card playoff berth. But they had the league’s best run defense while allowing only 82.5 yards per game, and key offensive pieces in Josh Freeman, Mike Williams, Vincent Jackson, and most notably Doug Martin — who finished fifth in rushing this year during his rookie season (1,454 yards, with 11 touchdowns) — will continue to grow together.