Anyone who partakes in the fine art of Jaguaring (see: dear god no one) knows that jaguars are fierce, yet noble beasts who can either overpower or seduce their prey at will. Or at least that’s what the National Geographic channel taught me last Saturday at about 4 a.m. Oh and also, platypuses are weird.

So it makes sense that when the Jaguars unveiled their new logo today, they went for more aesthetic appeal. First, here’s the now defunct logo…

And now here’s the new, um, sexier look

You’re not swooning yet? Well, my colleague Sean Keay — who’s one of several comic book-types here in the office who managed to abandon his Wonder Woman lunchbox when he reached adulthood — noted the striking similarities between the new Jags logo, and someone (something?) named Cheetara from Thundercats during her Superman cameo.