Divisional Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons

Bad news for Falcons fans with Michael Turner jerseys.

National Football Post’s Dan Pompei has the info:

The Falcons look to be in the running back market this offseason, according to those who know. Chances are the team will cut ties with 30-year old Michael Turner and look for a younger runner. Turner provides toughness, a solid locker room presence and power on downhill runs, but scouts say his ability to bounce and cut isn’t what it was.

The news isn’t all that shocking considering Turner’s decline in recent years and his $6.9 million price tag next season. The Falcons don’t see Jacquizz Rodgers as an every down back, leading many to believe Atlanta will select their running back of the future in April’s draft. Giovani Bernard, Eddie Lacy and Montee Ball are a few of the names that will be bandied about in the next few weeks.