Wild Card Playoffs - Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers

Update 4:14pm:

Ian Rapoport is doing work this off-season while his peers take a few weeks off before draft hysteria officially kicks off. Charles Woodson is no longer a Green Bay Packer, well he won’t be very soon.

The details:

“They’re getting ready to release him. It’s part of the business,” agent Carl Poston said. “I just talked to him. He sounds like he has a lot of football left. “He’d like to go play for a contender, win another Super Bowl. “Woodson was due $9 million in 2013 and would count $10 million against the cap. He’s just not worth that any longer.

There’s no arguing with Rapoport’s final sentence. The former Michigan star had to move to Safety after a rapid decline in his cover skills. The Packers are loaded with defensive backs, including Tramon Williams, Sam Shields and M.D Jennings.

There’s a team in Buffalo that could use a safety to team with Jairus Byrd after cutting George Wilson. But hey, they’ve re-signed Tarvaris Jackson. You don’t mess with success.

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  1. What’s with the cheap shot against the bills at the end? What does Tavaris have to do with anything? Does he play DB?!?! I didn’t think so.

    • Resigning a guy who spent the entire season scratched…

      • The offense was in it’s third year under Gailey so the system was a little advanced for him to learn in 2 weeks and for some reason they had a boner for pickpatrick.

        • Sadly I’m a major Bills fan, Michael.

          • Me too Devang… Team keeps signing horrible QBs but I do like Tavaris better than Pickpatrick. Tavaris had a good year in Seattle before he came over, had great chemistry with Sidney Rice. Hopefully he can use his strong arm to win the job cause Fitzy’s arm strength is one of the worst in the league.

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