Finally we have some wise words with an unfamiliar odor coming from Robert Griffin III’s camp regarding the state of his recovery, and his Week 1 playing aspirations next fall. Mmmm, smells like logic.

It’s just a little crappy that those words had to come from RG3, and not the Redskins officials who are continually leaking “encouraging” news about his progress.

In just the past hour, Griffin has tweeted three times. That’s a pretty raging pace for a guy who had eight tweets over the past three days prior to today, most of which were retweets. Clearly the man who has the NFL’s most popular knee attached to his body (OR IS IT?!?) has something important to say.

Well, yes. But first he really wanted to sell us some shoes and various athletic apparel through the use of pyrotechnics and unnecessary vandalism.

That’s RG3′s new Adidas commercial, which was tweeted out with a highly motivated hashtag that mirrors the ad’s tagline (#allinforweek1).

So that settles it. Griffin is playing in Week 1, and only a massive meteor could stop him. Let’s just keep those in Florida then, cool?

Maybe, or maybe not. If you couldn’t tell by the exploding scoreboard and exploding stadium and exploding trophy case, Griffin is determined. But unlike many of his peers who are willing to do insanely stupid things to their bodies like play through a concussion, for him passion and determination doesn’t always equal a lack of intelligence and total disregard for his future.

We know this because he said so.

Griffin had surgery to repair both his ACL and LCL after sustaining massive damage to his knee during Washington’s playoff loss to Seattle. It seems he has common sense about that damage, and about the state of his career. He’s entering just his second season at the age of 23, and he’s a fast, mobile quarterback who very much needs healthy legs to maintain that speed. Missing one week — or even several — to start next season would suck, but it’s a short-term blow the Redskins could certainly claw through with the very capable Kirk Cousins stepping up.

Griffin’s fantasy outlook is much scarier and unpredictable, and those murky waters won’t begin to clear until likely August at the earliest. But in reality, the Skins’ decision should be easy: if he’s even remotely still hesitant to cut and run, or to generally do Robert Griffin III things, he sits in Week 1.