Step right up, and witness the great Darrelle Revis vs. Richard Sherman Twitter throwdown of 2013. You’ll see interrupted video games, a large man being told that he is in fact a tiny girl, and so much public self indulgence. Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, before you are two football players who genuinely enjoy the aroma of their own farts.

The seed was planted a few weeks ago when Sherman — the Seahawks cornerback who thinks he’s the league’s best at the position, not Revis — tweeted out a graphic showing the career stats of the two players, adding that “numbers don’t lie” but women and men do.

Earlier this afternoon Revis decided he’s tired of having his manhood publicly questioned.

Oh snap!

And it continued…

Sherman was on a flight when Revis broadcasted his barbs to the world. When he landed, his response was a powerful left jab, numbers style…

Boom (*waves towel he just pulled from nowhere, screams OHHHHHHHH*). What say you now, Revis? He responded mostly by retweeting those who agree with him, which is the Interweb equivalent of immediately turning to your best bro for a high five while deep in a bro fight.

Yes, because if anything is going to decide an argument that’s entirely based on biased opinions, it’s one, singular play.

They’ll probably be at this all night, so follow along here and here. If you don’t have plans for the evening, it’ll be better than watching Wife Swap.