So you’re sitting there in the middle of class and Cam Newton is beside you, diligently absorbing a lecture that you’re not paying attention to at all now. This never ceases to not be weird/awesome.

That’s a real scenario, and it’s been playing out on the Auburn Campus for the past month as Newton does something pretty cool. He’s finishing his degree, even though by the measurements of normal human finances, there’s no reason for him to ever set foot in a classroom again. Yet there he is, just chillin’ around the quad, and trying to be a “normal student“.

Ha, how’s that going for you, Cam? Well, so far he seems to have learned that students with little monetary means have a deep appreciation for donuts.

Today Newton brought his classmates 40 D-squared donuts with orange juice. He just wants to fit in, guys. His mom says he’s cool.


The two pics above come to us via The War Eagle Reader, the campus blog which also documented Newton’s generosity that spilled outside of the classroom:

“He just said since it was Thursday he thought he’d bring us some donuts so I guess there was no particular reason,” says Auburn junior Brookelyne Harvel, who snapped a photo of donut party. “He was really nice about it… Everyone in the class was grateful and thankful. Everyone told him thank you. The professor was really nice about him bringing them to class. He didn’t have a problem with it at all. Cam said that the professor could have some too if he wanted.”

Cam handed sophomore Lindsay Klocko her donut out in the hall.

“People were honestly shocked and a few people didn’t notice it was him at first. A bunch of people were freaking out about it once he left.”

Cool story, bro. But it would have been much better if the prof wasn’t OK with Newton’s dough ball delivery, because the mental image of an NFL quarterback and rookie of the year getting reprimanded while holding several boxes of donuts and jugs of orange juice is just too fantastic.