As it pertains to his religious beliefs, Tim Tebow generally doesn’t care what you think. He wants you to follow, and he really appreciates it if you believe in his teachings while helping him in his quest to build a hospital on every street corner around this Earth. But if you don’t? Meh. Tebow is doing Tebow, and he believes what he believes.

That’s often the path of the true believer. Critics will inevitably arise, but they are respectfully ignored. I’ll duck before typing this, but it’s admirable that Tebow has mostly done that throughout his time in the spotlight dating back to his Gator days. He’s a believer, and while those who disagree with him are acknowledged, nothing sways his view.

That changed today, because it seems that when the public calls him so very many names for siding with a homophobic crazy man, Tebow will finally relent.

Late last week we learned that Tebow had agreed to speak at the First Baptist Church of Dallas on April 28. If that’s the only information you were given, you would have payed little attention to this news-ish item, and continued on with life. Tebow has had similar speaking appearances, and they all generate the same polarizing support and angst. Whatever, right? No.

This church is run by a lunatic. His name is Robert Jeffress, and his list of opinions is, um, creative?

  • He’s claimed that Islam promotes pedophilia.
  • He’s homophobic and has said that AIDs is a gay disease, and therefore there’s reason to “exclude gays from the military“.
  • He’s reduced multiple religions to cult status, most notably Mormonism when he said that Mitt Romney is indeed a cult member (Romney is Mormon).

And that’s just the beginning, which made Tebow’s decision to align himself with Jeffress either uneducated, unintelligent, or both. Tebow will always divide us as long as he’s a remotely relevant public figure. But it’s been assumed that he’s simply a deeply religious person, which doesn’t make him unique. There are so very many who believe just as deeply as Tebow, but don’t have his pedestal.

But by standing alongside Jeffress, suddenly Tebow would have been more than that. He would have transformed into a radical lunatic, which made the decision to speak at the First Baptist Church an odd one for someone who’s highly protective of his image.

It would have been a massive mistake, which is why this happened today…





See guys, the Internet does have the power to make a difference.