You young kids just don’t know how to be humble anymore. There was a time back in my day when you respected your peers, and handed them a nickel for a movie, or even a dime for a naughty movie. I’ll never forget you, large ankles Lucy.

But kids these days don’t know the meaning of respect. I’m tellin’ ya, they just don’t get it. Respect the brotherhood and respect the game, and it’ll respect you.

Ryan Nassib knows nothing of this. You ain’t proved nothin’ yet, youngin’.

Of course, this quote will generate headlines and bad attempts at imitating old, decaying men (see: above), but it’s what Nassib should think. And given the uncertain nature of this draft class at the quarterback position that’s also led by Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, and Mike Glennon, Nassib may be speaking a whole lot of truth here.

He said what he should say when asked to assess his skills: Ryan Nassib thinks that Ryan Nassib is really good. Tavon Austin saying that he’s the best overall player in this draft is another matter…