With the required monetary means you can buy a lot of cool and awesome things in this life, like the original Frogger arcade game.

But a championship is not available for purchase. It’s a basic mantra we find ourselves repeating every March: winning in the offseason doesn’t necessarily lead to winning in the regular season. The Eagles have learned this over the past two seasons after they were the big spenders in August of 2011 at the beginning of an especially frenzied free agent period following the lockout. That led to those two awful words coming from Vince Young’s mouth: dream team.

Gradually with Chip Kelly aboard the dreamy team that prompted oh so many nightmares with only four wins this season is slowly being disassembled. It started with Jason Babin in late December, and now another key defensive signing that summer is gone, with Cullen Jenkins released this afternoon.

Jenkins — who quite easily has the scariest Rotoworld profile picture — is beginning to age after he turned 32 last month. Combine that with the emergence of 2012 first-round pick (12th overall) Fletcher Cox over this past season after he had 5.5 sacks to Jenkins’ four, and the salary numbers attached to the two players made this move easy to anticipate. Jenkins didn’t have any more guaranteed money left in his contract and he was carrying a base salary of $5.5 million for next year, while Cox is due to be paid $2.3 million during the second year of his rookie contract.

The Eagles’ move to abandon the wide nine also played a significant role. Even though he may indeed be aging, Jenkins can still contribute, and he’ll be valued by a 3-4 team looking for a reliable source of pressure up the middle. The Saints were among the handful of teams that showed interested in Jenkins when he was available in 2011, and now they have a need for depth at defensive tackle again as they assemble the required parts for their new 3-4.

Don’t answer your phone, Nnamdi Asomugha. You’re next(?)

In his digital wave good-bye to the Philly faithful, Jenkins apologized for the Eagles teams that sucked so much during his tenure.