But as, say, a UPS man, the Dolphins head coach and former Packers offensive coordinator thinks Greg Jennings is just great. A football player? Not so much.

This is the part where I remind you that there’s a strong possibility what you’re about to read below is another piece of February fecal throwing, and it’s an attempt by a source associated with Team X to drive down the perceived level of interest in a player, and to therefore also drive down the players’ price. So know that, before knowing this…


We’ve gone over and will continue to go over the strikes against Jennings on the open market, namely his age (at 30 he’s not old for a wide receiver, but he’s not young either), and more importantly his inability to not break and tear things after he’s missed 11 games over the past two years. We haven’t spent much time on the really awesome things about Jennings, because they’re pretty obvious: he’s a great route runner, and he’s had three 1,000-yard receiving seasons, along with one year when he fell just short of that mark (949 yards in 2011).

While his weaknesses are surely enough to cause some hesitancy, ruling him out as a free agent option is odd, especially for a team that’s so desperate to sign a trusted and experienced game-changing wide receiver to support its sophomore quarterback. Oh, and especially for a team that’s likely about to lose Reggie Bush.

Yet that’s what McGinn is hinting at with this report, meaning that with Dwayne Bowe possibly set to be franchised by the Chiefs, and Wes Welker likely out of their price range, maybe the Dolphins really are focusing solely on Mike Wallace. That mistake would be just so Dolphins.

Of course, this entire conversation could soon be useless if the Packers franchise Jennings, which remains a possibility.