When we close our eyes while sitting deep inside the cold and desolate Cubicletown, us mere mortals usually picture a hot and tropical destination when we imagine the ideal vaction. You know, the kind of trip that involves drinking many drinks out of coconuts, and going a week without putting on a shirt. Fun times.

Larry Fitzgerald is part of the one percent, and with his $128.5 million contract — $50 million of which is guaranteed — he can easily afford to travel much more often during the offseason, and go to more exotic locations to do the kind of weird travel things that rich people do. Surely next week he’ll be riding giraffes in Africa, and then the week after that he’ll be wrestling white tigers somewhere before befriending pandas.

Right now, though, he’s busy climbing ice walls. Because he can.


That’s our boy in Slovenia, where the ice is plentiful. Maybe I have it all wrong with the animal theme above, and maybe this is the beginning of Fitz’s quest to climb things. Just things, everywhere.

Eventually he’ll be climbing stuff while sleep walking, and he’ll end up on top of a crane.

Thanks, KSK