Richard Sherman and others may disagree with that headline, but sane-minded folks will acknowledge that any Sherman-Darrelle Revis debate is one which leaves many hairs split. But that’s another discussion for the next time two rich guys decide to publicly determine who has the larger genitalia.

Right now, know this: if the latest reports are true, it seems the Jets are really, really determined to part ways with one half of that debate, and in the process make a six-win team significantly worse.

That’s what emerged early this morning. Tell us more, Gary Myers:

Despite the damage control talk from John Idzik and Rex Ryan in Indy about how much they value Revis, a source told the Daily News on Tuesday that Idzik was “actively” shopping Revis at the combine, and interested teams are now doing their homework on what it would take to get Revis signed to a new contract if they can satisfy the Jets with compensation.

This comes after the relationship between Idzik, Ryan, owner Woody Johnson, and Revis was quickly deteriorating, largely due to trade rumors which began percolating last month. Revis didn’t appreciate learning about said rumors through the same channels that you and I learn about rumors. Namely, his computer screen and/or TV. He implicated Johnson directly, and since then any time the team’s brass or Ryan have spoken publicly, they’ve been instinctively defensive.

That especially applies to Ryan, who talked loudly at the Combine because that’s what he does, and he vehemently denied that any team has approached the Jets about Revis, while also saying that internally a trade hasn’t been discussed either. However, the words spoken by Idzik were the kind in which he said something, while really saying nothing. He simply said he will always field calls and inquiries that can improve the team.

Fair enough, and if there truly isn’t any confidence that a contract extension can be reached with Revis that keeps him in New York beyond next season, then ball out, John, and shop him aggressively now. But to gauge that confidence, meeting with Revis’ representatives seems like an intelligent idea, something Myers reports Idzik didn’t have time for during the Combine. Yet he had plenty of spare minutes to meet with multiple teams.

The Jets aren’t better without Revis, because no team is better without Revis. Therefore, Idzik doing everything in his power to keep Revis should be his top priority now as we still sit nearly two months from the draft.

But hey, having Tom Brady play in a division that doesn’t include Revis sounds like a lot of fantasy fun. What a dreamboat.

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